Older Girl Parties 
(Recommended for 11-18 year olds)

Nail Party 
* Manicure with nail design       *Pedicure  
$50 per girl

Hair Party
*Styling of Hair    *Braiding of Hair   *Glitter Hair Spray 
$65 per girl 

Hot Hair Party
*Formal Up-Do                                   * Hot Tool Finish                    *Pearl Hair Pins
$80 per girl 

Hair & Make-Up Party
*Styling or Braiding of Hair   *Hot Tool Finish         *Professional Make-Up           
$85 per girl

Spa Parties

All Salon Parties include Pizza, Drinks and Paper Goods for children in the party! All Salon Parties include Gift Bags for all guests & a special Gift for the Birthday Girl.

Capelli Belli Salon

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Parties at the salon are on Sundays only. There is a 4 girl minimum to each party. For any party you will have exclusive use of the salon for 2 ½ hours, you will have a party host and licensed cosmetologists working on the girls, pizza, drinks, paper goods, gift bags for all the girls and a special gift for the birthday girl. Parties start at 11am. You must bring your own cake
and candles. If you would like to serve cake with all the girls at the same time we can give you an extra ½ hour at the end, just please let us know. To hold your date we need a 25% non-refundable deposit due upon signing your contract, this must be done at least a week before the party. If you need to reschedule the party for any reason your deposit can be transferred. The remainder of the bill must be paid on the day of the party before you leave.  Tips are not included and are left to your discretion. 

​​ Younger Girl Parties 

(Recommended for 4-10 year olds)- 


Just a Taste 

* Just a Polish Nail     * Party Up- Do   * Glittery Make-up

$ 40 per girl


Mini-Nail Party 

* Mini-Manicure        * Mini - Pedicure
$40 per girl


Jr. Hair Party

*Simple Styling/ Party Up-Do   * Glitter Hair Spray     *Pearl Hair Pins 

$45 per girl